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IE is leading Engineering Standards Development Organization as practicing one-stop platform which offers Engineering Standards, Ethics, and Code & Conducts to implement Engineering System according to the International Standards, to avoid mismatches, engineering errors and mistakes. IE has been develop multiple Engineering Standards for various industries especially for Renewable Energy industry.

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IE Standards & Certified Training with Membership(s)

Protection of Electric Shock Standard, is one of very important matter, as it is highly recommended that the technician or engineer work according to the well-recognized and accredited standard to avoid any life or system damages. The IE 920411 standard has developed according to the international electrical safety policies.

The protection of persons against electric shock in LV installations must be provided in conformity with appropriate national standards, statutory regulations, codes of practice, official guides and circulars…etc.

The detailed Standard of protection against electric shock will be provided in a 16 hours Training as the title will be IE 920411 (Protection against electric shock) where the IE 920411 Standard will cover

Selection and Erection of Electrical Equipment with Safety Standards, is the next 2 nd part of IE 920411 Standard. In most countries, electrical installations shall comply with more than one set of regulations, issued by National Authorities or by recognized private bodies. It is essential to take into account these local constraints before starting the design.

The IE 920045 Standard has been developed to get design, equipment selection and get erected according to the accredited standards to avoid mismatches, human errors and further damages of system and workmanship.

This IE 920045 is designed for those professionals, or engineers are working or started to work directly in Electrical System design, Installation and O&M. The Training is for 16 hours where IE 920045 will cover all content of Selection and Erection of Electrical Equipment with Safety Standards accordingly.

PV Inverter Connectivity & Installation Standard provides designers, contractors and consultants with an understanding of the technical connection requirements with an inverter capacity not exceeding and connected to and capable of operating in parallel with any part of the Power Networks LV distribution network and to National Grid as well as IE 920056 standard provides the requirements for connecting the systems up to 5kW – 3000kW with a low voltage distribution network.

The 3 type of inverters are adding in this IE 920056 Standard, Micro, String and Central Inverters, as well as covered on-grid and off-grid both. For the Centralized Inverters the Standards have been covered on-grid installation and connectivity only. The inverter must be designed, installed, and maintained in a manner that ensures that the maximum steady state voltage at any socket outlet or fixed equipment as (other than the inverter) within the installation complies at all times with the requirements of IE 920056 Standard.

This Under-Roof Electrical Installations Standard, IE 920034 contains provisions that are considered necessary for safety and proper installation of electrical systems under-roof. Compliance therewith and proper maintenanceresults in an installation that is essentially free from hazard and necessarily efficient, convenient, or adequate for good service or future expansion of electrical use. The IE 920034 Standard covers all important methods for Under-Roof Electrical installations, as that cover proper wiring, sizing and installation of EDP Electrical Distribution Panels, Grounding and Lightning Protections, Protect of Electrical equipment and proper installation methods. This IE 920034 is
designed for Solar PV under-roof wiring and installation of equipment(s).

Designing and Commissioning of Solar PV-DG Hybrid Power Plant ‘IE 921334’ Standard is especially develop for proper design and install the Solar PV & DG Hybrid Power Plant, where utilizing the different resources to run the Industry. The IE 921334 covers a stand-alone system which requires the DG sets to remain in the operating mode even at zero loads to provide the reference voltage and frequency to the solar inverters to operate. In the case of SPV power plant, it is well known that the power fluctuates due to the fluctuation in the solar irradiation on every instant.

To meet this fluctuation, the DG set of the hybrid system operating at no load shall respond and fulfill the load requirement thus providing an uninterrupted supply. The role of the battery storage system is equally crucial in the hybrid power plant. It comes into the picture when the SPV has generated an excess amount of energy. This IE 921334 covers all Designing & Commissioning parameters and advance level soft & hard tools to implement project accordingly, as well as convers all safety requirements to install and operate plant properly.

This Solar PV System Installation Safety IE 920002 Standard covers photovoltaic solar panels with an opaque material during wiring, as needed to
install PV systems in accordance with specific area’s applicable electric / photovoltaic codes and solar energy safety rules. Installing solar photovoltaic systems requires specialized skills and knowledge.

The installer should be qualified and ensure all the risks of injury, including risk of electric shock. Module installation should be performed only by qualified persons, who understand all Safety Standards. The IE 920002 covers all installation hazards and safety standards which are going to be used during the PV System Installation.

Solar PV Power Plant tied with National Grid IE 928832 Standard covers all concepts for sustainable PV hybrid mini-grids taking into account technical parameters to safely connected PV Power Plant into National Grid as well as IE 928832 is providing recommendations on individual designs (mix of technologies, architecture, size, performances, other) in order to achieve high penetration level of PV as a mean to improve quality, reliability and economics of electrification systems such as mini-grids; Furthermore assess the potential of technologies to be mixed with PV for hybridization and compile and disseminate best-practices on PV hybrid power systems.

This IE 928832 Standard train people accordance to best possible and safe practice to implement PV OR Mix Technological driven primary resource power plant, to connect with high safety to National Grid.

The Solar PV Rooftop Installation IE 920001 Standard will detail all the necessary processes with IE Standards that required to execute, monitor and control the project. The IE 920001 Standard will serve as the main communication vehicle to ensure that all parties are aware and knowledgeable of project objectives and how they will be accomplished.

In IE 920001 Standard that has been considered that the building is under operation and heavily used by building occupants and visitors, this will be considered during development of project execution plan to avoid operation interruption and occupants’ disturbance to the minimum. In this IE 920001 Standard covers all best practice of Project Installation techniques and standards with health and safety rules and regulations, as well as utilizing best possible drive tools and performing the KPIs in proper discipline.

National Grid Projection Standard, In IE 920014 covers the actual scope and importance of Grid Protection and detailed all Grid Protections & Techniques during the coupling the Renewables, PV or another Power source to Grid. The objective of this IE 920014 standard is to create a more favorable environment for developing location-based services and can increase the service of grid. In IE 9200014 covers all technical details and standards to be connected Grid to other sources especially renewable energy, and defines how to manage fluctuations.

The international rules and regulations have been use and detailed the best possible Projections of Grid to avoid any incident or damages of system. The IE 920014 train, educate and certified this Grid Protection to individuals, those are working directly or indirectly with Power Grids and PV / Renewable Energy Power Plants.

Renewable Energy Project Management Standard. This IE 924455 Standard convers all Energy Project Management scope and standards. IE 924455 energy project management Standard describe the discipline to ensure projects are completed on-time and on-budget and meet our clients’ expectations by using IE 924455 standard methodologies for energy project management and project planning and control (PP&C), and follows the advance-level methodology for project structure.

This IE 924455 Standard covers Industrial tools and techniques, including WBSs, GANTT charts, CPM, project planning, project development, Machinery & Fleet Management and review, weekly meetings and reports. Energy program management services to coordinate a complex energy strategy. IE 924455 is especially designed for Project Managers, Engineers and those contractors, who are typically involved in EPC Projects.

Energy Audit & Energy Efficiency Standard, The IE 921123 Standard covers all best possible techniques and tool where standardized the environment & engineering audits and management prior to project design especially in renewable energy. The IE 921123 standard defines the engineering and techniques to get energy audits and PV Plant Test & Analysis including KPIs by using following tools.
Matlab with Simulink, Energy Audit Software(s), ETAP, Fluke-435 MK2, Fluke 1738 Power Logger, Fluke i430 Flex Current, Fluke BP291 li-ion Battery, Fluke EBC290 Battery charger, Fluke C437 Hard Carry Case, Fluke 1730-Magnetic Hanger, Multifunction Installation Tester Fluke 1654B, Solmetric Suneye 210, Megger PVK330, Seaward PV150 Test Kit, Seaward Solar Utility Pro, Fluke 424D, Garmin Oregon 750T, EE measuring Tool Box and Bosch Laser Levelizer IE 921123 is designed for Energy Professionals as they can work in very

Green Building Development Standard, The IE 921590 standard is a set of guidelines and criteria related to building practices are created through consensus processes. The IE 921590 provides minimum requirements for site, design, construction and operations in mandatory, code-enforceable language. This standard is comprehensive and includes chapters for site, water, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and materials. The IE Green Building Standard continue to be developed and adopted that seek to push the standard of building design and construction to new levels of sustainability and performance. Codes come in two basic formats: prescriptive and performance, with outcome-based becoming a developing third option, as Prescriptive path is a fast, definitive, and conservative approach to code compliance. Materials and equipment must meet a certain levels of stringency, which are quantified.
Performance-based codes are designed to achieve particular results, rather than meeting prescribed requirements for individual building components. Outcome-based codes for example, establish a target energy use level and provide for measurement and reporting of energy use to assure that the completed building performs at the established level. IE 921590 covers all